Comprehensive Travel Therapy Course

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Becoming a Financially Successful Travel Therapist

The Comprehensive Guide to Start and Succeed in Your Travel Therapy Career – Brought to you by Whitney and Jared at Travel Therapy Mentor

Jumpstart Your Travel Therapy Journey and Get Started on the Road to Success by Enrolling in Our Comprehensive Travel Therapy Course!

Introduction Video About Our Course

About Our Course

After educating and mentoring thousands of therapists and students to help them start their travel therapy careers over the past several years, we have finally created a comprehensive online travel therapy course!

This course is a one stop shop to learn everything you need to know to get started and be financially successful in your travel therapy career!

This course is designed for therapists (PT/PTA, OT/COTA, and SLP) and therapy students who are getting ready to embark on their travel therapy journeys or who are early in their travel therapy careers.

Course Content

Preview the course content below, which includes over 12 hours of video lessons taking you through step-by-step the process of beginning your travel therapy career and becoming financially successful as a travel therapist:

In addition to 12 hours of video content, the course also includes these added benefits:

  • Downloadable guides
  • Links to additional resources
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 mentorship call with Whitney & Jared
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for ongoing mentorship

What Current and Future Travel Therapists are Saying about This Course

I wish this had been available when I started traveling. Whitney and Jared cover so many aspects of travel therapy that weren’t even on my radar when I began my career as a Travel PT almost 5 years ago. This is a great resource for anyone considering travel healthcare and can help you be better prepared so that you don’t learn some of the nuances involved with traveling “the hard way” like I did. Even as someone with experience, I still found value in reviewing the information and identified new concepts that will make me a better traveler.”

~Michelle Howe, Travel PT

If you’re thinking about it…do it!! Whitney and Jared have really put together a great course! They really dive in on the details of traveling agencies, finance, housing, contracts, interviewing, and so much more. I would highly recommend this course for anyone new to traveling or considering it! Thank you both so much!!

~ Nikolai Goodyear, Travel PT

This course is so amazing! I love how Whitney and Jared share their personal stories because it makes me feel pumped up and motivated to save even more for early retirement! This course is SO valuable to new travelers!

~Kathryn Mancewicz, Travel SLP

Jared and Whitney are so unbelievably helpful! This course is very comprehensive and insightful, covering all the important aspects to be a successful traveler. I highly recommend taking the course to prepare you for becoming a traveler to ensure that you have a great experience. Their knowledge and insight has helped me to have an amazing start of my traveling career and I couldn’t be more thankful to them. It blows my mind thinking about the amount of time and effort they must put in to helping us because they truly care about making everyone’s experiences the best they can possibly be! You can’t go wrong with taking this course. You will only be happy that you did!

~ Kayla Eldridge, Travel PT

Jared and Whitney have done it. I appreciate their efforts in putting their time into creating such an important course that ALL travelers need in order to succeed in the travel therapy world. If you’re curious about travel therapy – I’d highly recommend investing in this course; if you want to learn how to prepare for the future financially – I’d highly recommend this course; if you’re a seasoned travel therapist and want to better improve your skills and knowledge about the world of travel therapy – I’d highly recommended this course. Again thank you Jared/Whitney for the opportunity! Consider me already sold on any upcoming educational resources you guys may offer, as I know that whatever you guys will bring to the table will be worth listening to and worth the investment. Thank you!!

~ Cesar Chin, Travel PTA

Enroll in our course to remove the guesswork and let us guide you on the right path to becoming a successful travel therapist!

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Money-Back Guarantee: We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our course! If for any reason you feel that you did not receive value out of this course within 30 days of enrolling, we will refund your purchase price!