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Travel Therapy Information

If you’re looking for educational content to learn more about travel therapy, we have hundreds of videos, podcasts, and articles you can dive into right now for free. We recommend starting with our Travel Therapy 101 Series to learn the basics.

Becoming a Financially Successful Travel Therapist

After you learn the basics of travel therapy, the next step is to enroll in our comprehensive travel therapy course to take your travel therapy career to the next level and become an efficient and successful traveler. Unfortunately, not all healthcare travelers have a great experience or come out ahead financially. We’ve streamlined and optimized our own careers as travel therapists, and in our course we teach you everything we know so you can do the same.

Learn More about Becoming a Financially Successful Travel Therapist

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Travel Therapy Recruiter Recommendations

If you’re ready to get your travel therapy journey started, we can offer recommendations for the best travel therapy recruiters based on your personal preferences. Fill out our recruiter recommendation form to get connected.

Travel Therapy Job List

Whether you’re just scoping out the travel therapy job market, or you’re looking for your next travel therapy contract, you can check out our list of hot travel therapy jobs which is updated every week. We list a handful of hot jobs from the different recruiters we work with. All jobs are unique, high paying, and/or exclusive jobs for each company.

Travel Therapist Taxes and Tax Homes

Taxes can be confusing for travel therapists due to our untaxed stipends, working in multiple states, and more. It’s also vitally important for travelers to ensure they are meeting IRS guidelines for maintaining a tax home. We recommend consulting with a CPA who specializes in working with healthcare travelers for all of your tax questions.

Set up a consultation with our recommended CPA, Nermina Culesker

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Health Insurance for Travel Therapists

As a travel therapist, you have several choices to consider for your health insurance coverage. Learn more about health insurance options here. For those considering private insurance options that will stay with you throughout the year regardless of which travel agency you’re working with or if you take gaps between contracts, we recommend contacting an insurance advisor to review your options.

Set up a consultation with our preferred insurance advisor, Parita Patel

*Please note, if your tax home is in the following states, due to state restrictions, Parita’s company cannot provide you with a private insurance plan: HI, AK, CA, MA, NH, CT, WA, ID, MN, RI, NY, NJ, OR, NM, ND, DC, VT, PA, AZ

Financial Planning for Travel Therapists

Planning for your financial future is vital. We recommend getting a head start on your financial plan early in your career to take advantage of compound interest via saving, investing, and paying down debt. FitBux is one of our favorite resources for financial planning and student loan management.

Continuing Education for Travel Therapists

Managing your CEUs as a travel therapist can be a little harder than for permanent therapists because of various state licensure requirements, plus moving around all the time makes in person courses harder to plan. That’s why MedBridge is our go-to resource for getting our CEUs done remotely. They offer high quality, pre-recorded courses and live webinars via their convenient website and mobile app. They also make it easy to see which courses qualify for each state license.

Credit Card Bonus Recommendations

When used correctly, credit card rewards are a great addition to the travel therapist’s arsenal to save money and build wealth more quickly. We have used credit card rewards over the years to take entire trips for free, both internationally and domestically, plus earn thousands of dollars in cash back.