Unique Traveler Stories

Picture of couple with backpacks waiting on a train with title "Unique Traveler Stories"

Check out our collection of guest posts by traveling therapists telling their unique stories and teaching you about different possibilities with travel therapy!


Being a Solo Travel Therapist

Earning Six Figures in Six Months as a New Grad Physical Therapist


Travel Therapy: Traveling with a Dog

Shipping Your Car Across the US for a Travel Therapy Job


International Travel Therapy: Can I Work as a PT/OT/SLP in Australia?

Achieving a Positive Net Worth in 2 Years with 6 Figures of Debt: Yonas’s Story


Should SLPs Travel During Their Clinical Fellowship Year?

Working as a Travel PT in the US Virgin Islands


Travel Therapy: Working as an Internal Traveler

Working Internationally as a Speech Language Pathologist

Canadian Travel Therapy: Can Canadian Therapists Work in the US? Guest post written by Eni Kader for Travel Therapy Mentor

Canadian Travel Therapy: Can Canadian Therapists Work in the US?