Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are the Travel Therapy Mentors?
    • We are Jared and Whitney, two traveling Doctors of Physical Therapy. We have been travel PTs since we were new grads in 2015. Combined, we have over 16 years of experience in the travel therapy world and have helped thousands of therapists get started with travel therapy over the last several years.
  2. Why did you start Travel Therapy Mentor?
    •  We started Travel Therapy Mentor to help new and aspiring travel therapists learn the most about travel therapy, without having to experience and learn things “the hard way.” When we started traveling there weren’t any resources for information and education on being a successful travel therapist, so we created the resource we wish we had when we started!
  3. How do you help current and future travel therapists?
  4. How much do your services cost?
    • Our services are largely free to therapists and students. We do offer an educational course for sale, and we do paid phone consultations. For travel therapy recruiter recommendations, we provide this service free to therapists. However, if the therapist takes a travel contract with one of our recommended recruiters, we receive a referral bonus from the travel therapy company when a contract is completed.
  5. What’s the best way to contact the mentors?
  6. How do I get started with travel therapy?
  7. How do I find the best travel therapy companies?
    • There’s no one best travel company for everyone. With over 100 travel therapy companies out there, they all have their pros and cons depending on your needs as a travel therapist. Check out this article to learn more.
  8. Is it a good idea to travel as a new grad?
    • As with anything, it depends! It worked great for us, but it’s not for everyone. Check out this article to decide if it’s right for you!
  9. How much money do travel therapists make?
    • Travel therapy pay varies based on your discipline, the contract location, the setting, the travel company, and a number of other factors! On average, Travel PT’s, OT’s, and SLP’s can expect to make between $1500-2000/wk after taxes, and travel PTA’s and COTA’s can expect to make $900-1300/wk after taxes. There are contracts that pay above these ranges, but usually they are in very specific locations and settings. To learn more about travel therapy pay, check out this comprehensive guide to travel therapy pay.
  10. How do benefits work as a travel therapist?
    • Travelers can receive benefits through the travel therapy company or choose to maintain insurance and other benefits on their own. To learn more, check out this guide to travel therapy benefits.

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