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Travel Therapy Mentor Weekly Live Videos

Each week we produce a new Facebook Live video about various travel therapy related topics! Videos are generally on Sunday evenings, but times and days may vary based on our travels.

You can tune in live for our videos by following us on Facebook. You can also watch the replay of any of our weekly videos by clicking the links to the individual videos below, or visiting the Videos section of our Facebook Page.

Please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to talk about on a future video by sending us a message!

Video List:

1/19/20: Filing Taxes as a Travel Therapist


1/12/20: Health Insurance Options as a Travel Therapist

1/5/20: Is It Financially Worth it to Pursue a DPT Degree?

12/29/19: 2019 Recap and Our Plans for 2020!

12/22/19: Productivity Issues & Avoiding Working Off the Clock as a Travel Therapist

12/15/19: What is PDGM? How Will it Affect Travel Therapy?

12/8/19: Guaranteed Hours & Days Off During the Holidays

12/1/19: Job Scarcity in January for Travel Therapists

11/24/19: Maintaining CEU Requirements as a Travel Therapist

11/17/19: How to Find the Best Travel Therapy Companies and Recruiters


11/10/19: Finding Housing as a Travel Therapist

11/3/19: National Student Conclave Recap

10/27/19: Taxes for Travel Therapists Interview with Joe Smith Recap and Takeaways

10/26/19: Travel Therapy Mentor Interview with Joseph Smith of Travel Tax


10/21/19: Avoiding Bad Job Environments as a Travel Therapist (Part 1) and (Part 2)

10/16/19: Pursuing financial independence combined with travel therapy is a winning combo for lifestyle flexibility! (Short video clip during a hike!)

10/13/19: Avoiding Unwanted Time Off as a Travel Therapist

10/6/19: The Impact of PDPM on Travel Therapy


9/29/19: The PT Compact, the Future of OT/SLP Compact Licensure, and the Impact on Travel Therapists

9/23/19: Earning a Full Time Therapist’s Salary While Working Only Half of the Year!

9/15/19: What is The Traveler’s Conference and Why Should You Go as a Current or Prospective Travel Therapist?

9/1/19: 1 year Anniversary of Travel Therapy Mentor!

8/26/19: Our 15-week Europe trip is coming to an end!

8/18/19: Top Pros and Cons of being a Traveling Therapist!

8/11/19: PDPM: What is it & How Will it Affect Travel Therapy?


8/4/19: Mistakes to Avoid During Your First Travel Therapy Assignment

7/28/19: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your First Travel Contract (Especially as a New Grad)

7/21/19: Is it worth pursuing Independent Contracting as a Travel Therapist?