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Travel Therapy Mentor Live Videos

Every month we produce new Facebook Live videos about various travel therapy related topics! Videos are generally on Sunday evenings, but times and days may vary based on our travels.

You can tune in live for our videos by following us on Facebook. You can also watch the replay of any of our videos by clicking the links to the individual videos below, or visiting the Videos section of our Facebook Page.

You can also find some of our videos on our YouTube Channel or the audio from the newer videos on our Podcast!

Please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to talk about on a future video by sending us a message!

Video List:

Welcome to Travel Therapy Mentor! Introductions & Overview

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11/5/23: November 2023 Travel Therapy Job Market Update!

10/15/23: Is Mentorship Available for Travel Therapy Jobs?

10/1/23: Travel Therapy Housing: RV Life & How to Choose the Right RV

9/10/23: Europe Honeymoon + Road Trip Recap (Last National Park)

8/13/23: New SAVE Student Loan Repayment Plan + Student Loan Repayment Options for Travel Therapists

7/23/23: Travel Therapy Job Market Update (July 2023)

7/9/23: Wedding Recap + Europe Honeymoon Update

5/24/23: How Much Money Do Travel Therapy Recruiters Make?

4/30/23: Travel Therapy Contract Cancellations

4/16/13: Net Take Home Pay Vs Gross Pay Quotes for Travel Therapy Pay Packages

4/2/23: April 2023 Travel Therapy Job Market Update!

3/20/23: Travel Healthcare with a Family

3/5/23: Student Loans & Financial Planning with Joe Reinke from FitBux

2/11/23: Working Internationally as a Travel Therapist

1/29/23: Filing Taxes as a Healthcare Traveler

1/15/23: Travel Therapy Job Market Update for January 2023!

1/2/23: Travel Therapy Mentor 2022 Recap & 2023 Plans

12/27/22: International Travel Tips/Travel Hacking + Recap of our 2022 Around the World Trip

12/10/22: Travel Healthcare Without Tax Home

11/13/22: RV Life: Overview, Pros/Cons, Logistics, Financial Considerations & More!

10/2/22: October Travel Therapy Job Market Update

9/25/22: PT/OT/SLP Compact Update for Travel Therapists!

9/11/22: 4-Month Alaska Adventure Recap

8/21/22: Do you really make more money as a travel therapist?

8/4/22: Which States Have the Best Tax Rates for Travel Therapists?

7/7/22: July 2022 Travel Therapy Job Market Update!

6/20/22: INFLATION- how is it impacting travel therapist pay?!

5/26/22: Travel Healthcare in ALASKA: Logistics

5/19/22: Housing Search Logistics & Alaska House Tour!

4/24/22: April 2022 Travel Therapy Job Market Update

4/17/22: 3-Month Latin America Trip Recap

3/27/22: How Much of the Pay Does the Travel Therapy Company Keep on a Travel Contract?

2/25/22: Latin America Trip Update!

1/30/22: Is Travel Healthcare still worth it with rising short term housing costs?

1/16/21: January 2022 Travel Therapy Job Market Update & Current COVID Issues

12/30/21: End Of Year Giveaway!

12/27/21: Travel Therapy Mentor 2021 Recap & 2022 Plans

12/19/21: Is Now a Good Time for New Grad Therapists to Get into Travel Therapy?

12/12/21: Vaccine Mandates: Implications for Travel Healthcare

11/28/21: Avoiding Burnout Via Travel Healthcare

11/14/21: Credit Card and Travel Hacking for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

11/1/21: November 2021 Travel Therapy Job Market Update

10/17/21: Cross Country Road Trip Recap

10/10/21: Travel Therapy Q&A (October 2021 Version)

9/25/21: Van Life vs. RV Life

9/14/21: Van Tour & Road Trip Update

9/2/21: Travel Healthcare Challenges & How Technology Can Help

8/29/21: Recap of Our 3 Months in Hawaii

8/11/21: August 2021 Travel Therapy Job Market Update

7/25/21: Health Insurance Options for Travel Therapists

7/11/21: Understanding a Travel Therapy Pay Package

6/20/21: Travel Therapy Job Market Update – June 2021

6/6/21: Hawaii Update: Moving & Our First Week on the Big Island!

5/23/21: Hawaii Contract Planning & Logistics

5/9/21: May 2021 Travel Therapy Job Market Update

4/25/21: Travel Therapy Contract Cancellations

4/11/21: Mexico Trip Recap/ International Travel in 2021!

3/28/21: March 2021 Travel Therapy Job Market Update

3/14/21: Travel Therapy Contract Extensions

2/21/21: Solo Travel: Pursuing Travel Healthcare By Yourself

2/8/21: February 2021 Travel Therapy Job Market Update

1/26/21: Coming Soon: Our Online Travel Therapy Course!

1/24/21: Special Announcement • future of Travel Therapy Mentor • More on our Mexico plans • and logistics of international travel

1/10/21: Choosing a Travel Therapy Company & Recruiter: What to Consider

1/3/21: Travel Therapy 2020 Recap & 2021 Projections

12/27/20: Prepping for Travel Therapy Phone Interviews

12/20/20: PT Compact Update for Travel Therapists & Future of SLP/OT Compact Licensure

12/13/20: Health Insurance Options for Travel Therapists (December 2020 Update)

12/6/20: Travel Therapy Q&A (December 2020)

11/29/20: Understanding a Travel Therapy Written Contract

11/22/20: Getting Guaranteed Hours as a Travel Therapist

11/15/20: November 2020 Travel Therapy Job Market Update

11/8/20: Continuing Education & Advanced Certifications: Implications for Travel Therapy

11/1/20: Productivity Issues and Working Off The Clock as a Travel Therapist

10/25/20: Strategizing Travel Therapy Contracts Around the Holidays & End of Year

10/18/20: Taking a PRN/Perm Job vs Travel Therapy Job

10/11/20: How to Use Credit Card Rewards to Your Advantage as a Travel Therapist

10/4/20: 8 Week Cross Country Road Trip Recap!

9/28/20: Negotiating Travel Therapy Contracts in 2020

9/13/20: September 2020 Travel Therapy Job Market Update!

8/27/20: Budgeting for Long Trips + An Update on Our Cross-Country Road Trip!

8/20/20: Q&A: Travel Therapy, Finance, Road Trip & More!

8/10/20: Cross Country Road Trip Update & Van Tour!

8/2/20: August Travel Therapy Job Market Update!

7/27/20: Benefits/Insurance- How Do They Work as a Travel Therapist?

7/20/20: Why You Should Pursue Semi-Retirement as a Travel Therapist

7/12/20: Vacationing/Traveling During COVID: How We’ve Changed Our Plans + Our Insights

7/5/20: Financial Independence: What Is It & Why Is It Easier to Achieve as a Travel Therapist?

6/28/20: Should SLP’s Travel During Their Clinical Fellowship Year?

6/22/20: Keeping Expenses Low as a Travel Therapist

6/14/20: Using Travel Therapy to Relocate to a New Area Permanently

6/7/20: Discrimination as a Travel Healthcare Professional

5/31/20: Is #VanLife a Feasible Housing Solution for Travel Therapists?

5/24/20: Travel Therapy Job Market Update: May 2020

5/18/20: Understanding Travel Therapy Pay: How Much Should You Expect Normally vs Now?

5/11/20: The RV Life: Why We Decided to Stop RVing & Pros/Cons of RVing vs Short Term Housing

5/3/20: Lessons Learned from 5 Years as Travel PTs

4/19/20: Travel Therapy Q&A Session

4/12/20: Travel Therapy Crisis Jobs & Market Update

4/5/20: New Grad Therapists: Your Financial Future & Career Outlook

3/29/20: How Many Travel Therapy Jobs are Available Currently? (Corona Virus Travel Therapy Job Market Update)

3/22/20: Contract Cancellations and Update on Travel Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic

3/15/20: The impact of the Coronavirus on Travel Healthcare

3/8/20: Filing Taxes for Free as a Travel Therapist

3/7/20: Travel Therapy 101 & Finances After Graduation

  • This is a presentation we’ve given at several conferences and DPT schools for students and new grads

3/1/20: Update: Current Travel Therapy Job Market (March 2020)

2/23/20: Why We Don’t Work Internationally as Travel PTs

2/18/20: CSM (APTA Combined Sections Meeting) & Colorado Recap

2/9/20: Trials & Tribulations of Being a Travel Therapist

2/2/20: Pursuing Travel Therapy with a Partner or Friend

1/26/20: Physical Therapy Compact Update

1/19/20: Filing Taxes as a Travel Therapist

1/12/20: Health Insurance Options as a Travel Therapist

1/5/20: Is It Financially Worth it to Pursue a DPT Degree?

12/29/19: 2019 Recap and Our Plans for 2020!

12/22/19: Productivity Issues & Avoiding Working Off the Clock as a Travel Therapist

12/15/19: What is PDGM? How Will it Affect Travel Therapy?

12/8/19: Guaranteed Hours & Days Off During the Holidays

12/1/19: Job Scarcity in January for Travel Therapists

11/24/19: Maintaining CEU Requirements as a Travel Therapist

11/17/19: How to Find the Best Travel Therapy Companies and Recruiters

11/10/19: Finding Housing as a Travel Therapist

11/3/19: National Student Conclave Recap

10/27/19: Taxes for Travel Therapists Interview with Joe Smith Recap and Takeaways

10/26/19: Travel Therapy Mentor Interview with Joseph Smith of Travel Tax

10/21/19: Avoiding Bad Job Environments as a Travel Therapist (Part 1) and (Part 2)

10/16/19: Pursuing financial independence combined with travel therapy is a winning combo for lifestyle flexibility! (Short video clip during a hike!)

10/13/19: Avoiding Unwanted Time Off as a Travel Therapist

10/6/19: The Impact of PDPM on Travel Therapy

9/29/19: The PT Compact, the Future of OT/SLP Compact Licensure, and the Impact on Travel Therapists

9/23/19: Earning a Full Time Therapist’s Salary While Working Only Half of the Year!

9/15/19: What is The Traveler’s Conference and Why Should You Go as a Current or Prospective Travel Therapist?

9/1/19: 1 year Anniversary of Travel Therapy Mentor!

8/26/19: Our 15-week Europe trip is coming to an end!

8/18/19: Top Pros and Cons of being a Traveling Therapist!

8/11/19: PDPM: What is it & How Will it Affect Travel Therapy?

8/4/19: Mistakes to Avoid During Your First Travel Therapy Assignment

7/28/19: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your First Travel Contract (Especially as a New Grad)

7/21/19: Is it worth pursuing Independent Contracting as a Travel Therapist?

7/16/19: Travel Therapy: The Licensing Process

7/7/19: Live Travel Therapy Q&A!

6/30/19: Packing for a Travel Assignment!

6/24/19: Saving & Investing as a Travel Therapist

6/16/19: Contract Cancellations

6/9/19: Relationship between Travel Therapist and The Recruiter versus The Facility

6/2/19: Understanding a Travel Therapy Contract

5/27/19:Understanding Travel Therapy Contract Bill Rates!

5/19/19: Are Local Travel Therapy Contracts Possible?

5/13/19: Why & How to Work with Multiple Travel Therapy Companies/Recruiters

5/5/19: Outpatient travel therapy jobs: How to find them, what to watch out for, and more!

4/28/19: How much money should you realistically expect to make as a new grad travel therapist?

4/21/19: Leveraging travel therapy to travel for leisure!

4/15/19: What is a tax home and do you need one as a travel therapist?

4/7/19: Travel Therapy to pay down student loans… or invest?

3/31/19: How Do You Choose Which Travel Therapy Companies and Recruiters to Work with?

3/24/19: Is mentorship available for traveling therapists?

3/17/19: Travel Therapist Benefits Packages!

3/11/19: Intangible Benefits of Different Travel Therapy Companies

3/3/19: Beginner Mistakes as a Travel Therapist

2/24/19: Travel Therapy as a Pair!

2/17/19: Travel therapist pay vs permanent therapist pay

2/10/19: Travel Therapy in an RV!

2/4/19: Travel therapy housing options and basics!

1/27/19: Our Experience and Advice in Regards to Travel Therapy as a New Grad

1/20/19: Travel Therapy 101: The basics, what is travel therapy, and getting started!

12/1/18: Hello from Thailand!

Fifth Wheel PT Videos

11/5/19: Talking personal finance, financial independence, and early retirement with Chris Mamula

9/13/19: Hello from the Grand Canyon!

2/12/19: 6 day water fast!

1/27/19: Checking in from Washington DC (CSM 2019)

1/17/19: Our Life and Travel PT Update

12/16/18: Update from the end of our Asia trip!

12/1/18: Checking in from Phuket, Thailand

10/26/18: Crazy Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

10/12/18: Checking in from Ha Long Bay, Vietnam!

9/22/18: Update from Laos

6/2/18: Endless Vacation with Travel Therapy!

5/7/18: How to get started with travel PT as a new grad!

4/12/18: Travel Therapy as a Pair

4/5/18: Travel Therapy as a New Grad

4/3/18: Pros & Cons of Travel Therapy in an RV

3/31/18: Cliffs of the Neuse Hike

3/29/18: Travel pay compared to permanent pay (Part 1) and (Part 2)*This was our first ever Facebook Live video!*