Travel Therapy 101: The Basics

Image of plane in the sky with words "Travel Therapy 101: The Basics"


6-Part Series for Those Getting Started with Travel Therapy!

If you’re new to travel therapy, start here to learn the basics!

There are six key travel therapy topics below, each with an accompanying article and video (plus the audio version of the video on our podcast).

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Get ready to dive in and start learning the essentials of travel therapy!

Travel therapy mentor what is travel therapy

Part 1: What is Travel Therapy & How Does It Work?

Travel therapy mentor travel therapy pay

Part 2: Understanding Travel Therapy Pay

travel therapy housing 101 travel therapy mentor

Part 3: Finding Travel Therapy Housing

Travel Therapy Mentor Licensing Process

Part 4: The Travel Therapy Licensing Process

Part 5: Finding and Working with Recruiters

Travel Therapy Mentor Tax Home

Part 6: Tax Homes for Travel Therapists

Additional Resources

  • Now that you’ve learned the basics, you can dive deeper into beginning your travel therapy career via our comprehensive travel therapy course, which is a step-by-step guide to getting started & becoming financially successful as a travel therapist.
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  • If you’re ready to get started traveling, fill out our recruiter recommendations form and we can get you connected with a few great recruiters to begin the process of finding travel therapy job opportunities!

Travel Therapy Resources provided by Jared Casazza and Whitney Eakin from Travel Therapy Mentor – Jared and Whitney have been Traveling Physical Therapists since 2015. They are experts in the travel healthcare industry and have mentored thousands of therapists and students to help them become successful travel therapists